Demolition Permit Application

Code Enforcement Department

Work Information

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I (We) hereby apply for a permit to construct the following work (give exact location)

Lot Sketch

Applicant must draw sketch of house and any outbuildings on the lot, existing or to be erected, and indicated dimensions from each building to each property line and between buildings.  Applicant may attach an electronic copy of the lot sketch in lieu of drawing the sketch below.

Parties Involved

Not withstanding the issuance of this permit, all provisions of the Building and Zoning Codes will be complied with, whether specified herein or not.
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Payment Information
Payment of fees for this application will be requested via email once your submission has been reviewed.  Please verify that emails from are not sent to your spam/junk mail folder.  The email will contain a link to this form allowing you to make a secure payment by credit card.  The amount shown below is an estimated amount and may be adjusted once your submission is reviewed.