TMC's 2021 Directory Ad Insertion Order Form


Payment Terms

All Ads Must Be Prepaid

Recognized agencies may deduct 15 percent commission from the remittance check included. Advertisements or insertion orders received without prepayment will not appear in the TMC exhibit directory. Do not request TMC to invoice. 


Insertion Orders:    January 8, 2021
Ad Materials:          January 8, 2021

Advertising positions in the exhibit directory are sold on a first-come, first-served yearly basis based on receipt of a signed contract with payment. Confirm availability before sending contract/payment for cover positions. Advertising sales for the directory begins the same day as booth sales. 


Payment in advance. No exceptions. Payment must be included with insertion order.  

Commissions / Discounts

TMC allows the standard 15 percent commission to recognized agencies. Commission should be deducted from payment submitted with insertion order.

TMC's 2021 Directory Ad Insertion Order Form


Mechanical Data

Trim Size & Bleeds

Finished size is 8.5 x 11 inches. Live: 7” x 10” Bleed: from trim,add 0.125” to top, bottom and sides. Bleeds are allowed on full page or two-page spread ads only. Keep all illustrations or copy critical to your advertisement at least inside the 7x10 live-page area or no closer than 1/2 inch from finished size.

Material Requirements

PDF or JPEG files accepted. Submit on CD or provide instructions for FTP download.

Art and Photography Services

TMC does not provide art and photography services. Advertisers requiring original photography, artistic renderings or sketches, or special effects, should use an agency or art/photography service to assure these efforts meet your requirements.

Copy Changes

TMC cannot strip-in new type or change copy of existing advertisements or final art materials.

Printing Stock and Binding

The Reference portion is printed on 60# colored offset paper. The total Guide is perfect bound.

TMC's 2021 Directory Ad Insertion Order Form


Advertisement Request

Cover positions subject to availability.