Block Party Form

In order to host a Block Party in Springfield Township, you must provide the following information at lease 2 weeks prior to the party date. Contact Susan Warner (610) 544-1300 for all questions. 

****NOTE:  Springfield Township is not a sponsor of nor responsible for any property damage and/or bodily injury that may result from any and all activities occurring at a Block Party.

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Primary Contact

Block Party Details

Specify closed blocks and barricade information for each. If there are multiple closed blocks and drop-off points, click 'Add New row' for each.
  Closed BlockBarricade Drop-Off PointNumber of Barricades Needed  
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IMPORTANT:  No Stationary items are permitted in streets. Only use Barricades to block off roadways - never vehicles! Make sure to always keep a clear path in the street for Emergency Vehicles.


Signatures and Addresses are needed for 80% of residents affected - even if they do not plan to attend. These residents must be aware of the scheduled party.