Address Change for Real Property Assessment 

Attention Agents and Authorized Representatives
If a change of mailing address request is being submitted by anyone other than the legal owner of the property, it must be accompanied by a Letter of Authorization that specifically grants the agent authority to change the mailing address and which must:
  • Be an original document;
  • Identify the owner of record and RPC (real property code);
  • State the property address;
  • Be effective for the current tax year;
  • Identify the agent with address and telephone number;
  • Be signed by owner or authorized officer of company including:
    1. Notarized signature of an owner on record of the property, or officer, if titled in name of company, partnership or corporation.
    2. The printed or typed name and title.
Note: an original signed letter of authorization needs to be received before the address can be changed.

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Please note that submitting this form will only change your mailing address for your real estate correspondence.