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Application is hereby made for a permit to erect, alter, relocate, or maintain an advertising device as described in the application and exhibited on accompanying drawings that for a part hereof.
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Electrical Information

An electrical permit is required for all internally and externally illuminated signs, except for panel replacements.  Electrical work is to conform to the 1996 National Electrical Code, Article 600, and all other appropriate Articles.  The installer is responsible to notify the Springfield Township Electrical Inspector for an inspection prior to concealing the wiring (610) 544-1300

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Payment Information

Payment of fees for this application will be requested via email once your submission has been reviewed.  Please verify that emails from are not sent to your spam/junk mail folder.  The email will contain a link to this form allowing you to make a secure payment by credit card.  The amount shown below is an estimated amount and may be adjusted once your submission is reviewed.