Pool Information

Please note that the online form is only for those members paying with a credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, please fill out the paper form from Springfield's website here.
Membership Information
Membership to Springfield Country Club Pool is open to Residents of Springfield Township. Entrance to the pool is permitted by Membership Card. There is no fee for Children aged 2 and under. Senior Citizen rate is for individuals aged 65 or older (proof of age required).

Please complete the application at the bottom portion of this form. Each Member will be issued a membership card (Proof of residency required.) Prior to pool opening, pictures will be taken at the pool office during scheduled office hours. Please see our website for more information www.springfieldccpool.com

Guests permitted with limits. Guests must be signed in at the front office by a pool member and guest fee paid at the front office.

Guest Fee is $20 daily; $10 after 5pm daily.

Guests must be accompanied by a member for the duration of their visit.

Pool Hours are 10:30am – 8:00pm (weather permitting). 

For more information about the Pool and frequently asked questions please visit the pool website www.springfieldccpool.com

General Pool Membership Information

  • If membership is accepted, I (We) will abide by all rules and regulations of said SCC Pool. I further agree that the Township Board of Commissioners and Club Managers reserve the right to terminate my membership for acts of conduct which are disorderly, injurious or hostile to the objectives of the club, or for falsifying any information required by this application.
  • Pool opens Saturday May 25, 2024 and is open Saturdays & Sundays (10:30am-8:00pm) until Tuesday, June 11, 2024 (opening at Noon). Closes Monday, September 2, 2024. For Pool Office hours please visit our website www.springfieldccpool.com
  • No refunds will be issued after June 11th, 2024. 
  • For a list of dates of upcoming events please visit our website www.springfieldccpool.com
  • To stay up to date on pool news, follow us on Facebook (Springfield Township Pool - Country Club)
  • For information on joining the Swim Team email info@sccswimteam.org
  • Printed applications should be mailed to SCC Pool 400 W. Sproul Road, Springfield, PA 19064 or dropped in the drop box at the pool office (available 24 hours a day).
  • Visit our website for many frequently asked questions www.springfieldccpool.com
  • All other SCC Pool rules and regulations are posted on our website www.springfieldccpool.com.
  • Guest questions & fees? Please see our website under FAQ's www.springfieldccpool.com.

I (We) the undersigned understand and certify that our individual (family) is (are) a current resident of Springfield Township in accordance with procedures and rules established by the Springfield Country Club Pool. I (We) do further agree that the family (individual) will abide by any and all rules, regulations and policies established by Springfield Country Club Pool. I (We) and Guest do further hereby release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless the Springfield Country Club Pool and Springfield Township, its officers, coaches, commissioners, members, agents, supervisors, directors and/or employees, as individuals or as a group from any property damage, personal injury and or bodily injury which the named family (individual) may suffer and to which the named family (individual) may be entitled and which said claim may arise during or be directly or indirectly related to any or all Springfield Country Club Pool activities. Authorization of emergency treatment of a minor is as follows: 1. The undersigned is the parent/legal guardian of the minor(s) listed on application form. 2. This authorization is being provided for the use in the emergency treatment of a minor named on application when neither of the undersigned, nor relative/friend identified on the application can be reached to provide consent to treatment. 3. The undersigned authorizes emergency personnel permission to carry out any first aid treatment deemed necessary for the well being of the child. 4. The undersigned gives permission for the minor(s) listed on this application form to be taken to a hospital or physician for medical treatment in case of an emergency. The undersigned assumes transportation responsibilities, if the minor(s) listed on application needs to be transported to a hospital or emergency facility. Parent, legal guardian, or I the individual member have read this agreement in its entirety and fully understand its meaning and content. Individual member, parents or guardians must sign application before membership is accepted.

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Payment Information

Payment of fees for this application will be requested via email once your submission has been reviewed.  Please verify that emails from donotreply@springfielddel.co are not sent to your spam/junk mail folder.  The email will contain a link to this form allowing you to make a secure payment by credit card.  The amount shown below is an estimated amount and may be adjusted once your submission is reviewed.